Handmade handbags good for environment

While the beauty and uniqueness of handmade handbags make them everybody’s favorite, there are many other reasons why you should choose a handmade bag rather than a machine-produced one. If you are concerned about the environment (as you should naturally be) choosing a handmade handbag could be your contribution to environmental conservation.
The machines used to produce bags inevitably use massive amounts of fossil fuels and the consequences for the environment are pretty obvious. Today, there is a global concern over global warming and there is an urgent need for all of us to do all we can to use as little as possible of these non-renewable fuels.
Remember too that the use fossil fuels does not only increase the risk of an early depletion of these fuels but also inevitably leads to environmental pollution. You just need to look at some industrial cities (especially the ones in China and other parts of Asia which are so massively polluted that they cause health concerns for the inhabitants) to understand the dangers of mass production.
In some countries, mass produced bags are made in sweatshops where the remuneration for most of the workers is quite pathetic. Contrast this with the labor of love that goes to the production of a handmade handbag. Handmade handbags are crafted with love by people who enjoy what they do and the results are self-evident.
Most handmade handbags make use of recycled materials which means that the artisans making these bags make use of materials that would otherwise have gone to pollute the environment. UNEP constantly reminds us of the need to re-use and recycle whenever we can.
Handmade handbags are generally more durable than the mass produced ones. When you buy a handmade bag, you’ll not only have the pleasure of owning a unique product but some of these bags can last a lifetime. Mass produced bags lack character and that special appeal that handmade bags have. Most owners of machine produced bags will dispose them without a second thought thereby increasing the garbage that we’ll have to deal with.
It is also important to remember that when you buy handmade you are supporting an individual who has put his or her talent to work. This is crucial in the hard economic times we are experiencing. Individual artisans and small businesses need all the help they can get and you’ll be playing your part when you buy handmade.